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A proprietary self-adhesive 25 mil membrane sheet which requires minimal labor for installation. Unlike air/vapor barriers with no adhesive backing or reinforcement which require stapling, Aquaseal is self adhering. If stapled however, Aquaseal will seal itself around all the staple holes. The combination of 4 mils cross-laminated polyethylene and 21 mils rubberized asphalt produces a product which is tough and resilient to physical damage. Aquaseal is cold applied and requires no maintenance after installation.

Prevents air/vapor migration through masonry curtain walls, construction joints and fittings around windows and doors. Can be adhered to: concrete blocks, precast concrete, metal, and plywood

4 mils cross laminated polyethylene bonded to 21 mils rubberized asphalt.
Total thickness is 25 mils.

Available 4", 6" x 75 lineal feet

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