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A metal sheet membrane flashing whereby the metal is completely encapsulated in DuPont's Mylar (polyester film) making it resistant to alkalis and acids. The fiberglass fabric adds high tear and tensile strength during installation. Designed for the Navy Corps of Engineers. Economical to use. Priced approximately 45% below copper composites but with a warrantied longevity of 75 years.

Fiberweb Tape:
used to seal all laps and joints and is comprised of the same component as the flashing.

Thru-Wall, Concealed, Base, Sill Foundation, Spandrel, Parapet, Head and Sill flashing. Can be applied to masonry, concrete, pre-cast concrete, steel, wood, any type of insulation or gypsum board.

Fiberweb 300 is a composite of .33 mils metal laminated between two layers of polyester film (DuPont's Mylar) reinforced with woven fiberglass fabric. Total avg, mil thickness is 7 mils.

Standard roll widths: 6", 12", 16",18", 24" and 36"

Standard Roll Length:
300 lineal feet. Custom sizes available.

Applicable Standards:
Meets or exceeds the following:
Navy Corps of Engineers
Army Corps of Engineers CEGS-07600

*See specification sheet for complete PRODUCT specifications and installation specifications for various applications.

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