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A 40 or 50 mil. composite flexible flashing consisting of either a 2 or 3 ounce solid sheet of annealed copper which is laminated on one side with polyester film and bonded on the other with a highly adhesive SBS modified bitumen (rubberized asphalt) with a removable silicone liner. By completely encapsulating the copper in the polyester film on one side and rubberized asphalt on the other, the copper is protected from any alkalis or acid attack. The already applied rubberized asphalt eliminates any possiblity of an area of non-adhesion if the material is pressed firmly into place, making installation effective and efficient. Copper Aquaflash membrane can be applied as part of a system which uses both Aqua Flah primer and mastic. Copper Aquaflash may be applied to masonry, concrete, steel, wood and gypsum

Features and Benefits:

A composite flashing which is:
• Self-Adhering
• Self-Sealing
• Excellent puncture & abrasion resistance
• Self-healing if damaged slightly during installation since adhesive system
will elongate and recover
• Temperature stability up to 220°F
• No reglet needed when adhering membrane to vertical substrate*

Model Specifications:

Special Requirements:

All material specified shall be delivered to the jobsite in approved manufacturer's sealed conatiners bearing manufaturer's name and material identification.


All masonry and other surfaces receiving flashings should be reasonably smooth, free from loose material and completely dry. There shall be no slopes which would prevent the free flow of water to the exterior surface of the wall. All work shall be executed in conformance with accepted trade practices.


Flashings shall be Copper Aquaflash Flashing consisting of 2, 3 or 5 ounce annealed copper sheet bonded to rubberized asphalt for a total thickness of 40 mils, 50 mils respectively.

• Thru-Wall Flashing
• Concealed Flashing
• Foundation Sill Flashing
• Base Flashing
• Spandrel Flashing
• Head and Sill Flashing
• Parapet Flashing

Application Instructions:
Copper Aquaflash should be cut into manageable lengths of approximately 8 to 10 feet using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Remove the release liner, making sure the adhesive does not come in contact with either itself or any foreign matter (ie. dirt, etc.). Apply Copper Aquaflash membrane starting from the lowest point and work upwards. Once the membrane is in place, use a steel hand roller to secure the flashing firmly in place. Pressure is essential to eliminate any trapped air bubbles or wrinkles. All overlaps should be a minimum of 4 inches. Either trim edges or lay the Copper Aquaflash membrane 1/2" back from face of masonry. Inside and outside corners must be covered with two layers of membrane and sealed with mastic. Once installed, no maintenance is required.

Note: Not to be applied below 25° F
Not to be applied below 30°F without a primer
Not to be applied to moist or damp surfaces
Not to be used with oil based, wax or polvsulfide sealants or creosote

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