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Basic Use:

Fiberweb 300 is a durable, lightweight and easily formed metal flashing. It is impervious to moisture penetration; not affected by caustic alkalis found in concrete and mortar mixes since the metal is encapsulated between layers of polyester film; has longevity of 75 years or more.

Composition and Materials:

Fiberweb 300 is a lamination of metal encapsulated in between layers of polyester film and reinforced with fiberglass scrim; fiberglass adds tear and tensile resistance during installation; average finished thickness is 7 mils.


Fiberweb 300 is available in widths of 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 36", and 48". Custom sizes over 48" are available with a 4-6 week lead time. Standard length is 300 lineal feet per roll.


Fiberweb Tape is the same polyester film as in the flashing. When used to repair a puncture, it will restore the integrity of the flashing to its physical properties.

2" x 108 lineal feet per roll.

Applicable Standards:
Fiberweb 300 conforms to the requirements of the following specifications:

  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • CEGS-07600
  • Navy Corps of Engineers
  • MIL-I-'631 D '
  • MIL-Y-1140H
  • MIL-P-14591 C (MR)
  • HH-C-466b

Technical Data:
"Mylar" polyester film is made from polyethylene terephthalate, the polymer formed by the condensation reaction of ethylene glycol and tereph¬thalic acid. Its unusual balance of properties enables it to serve specific engineering functions as a physical barrier in protective coatings, as a thermal barrier, as a structural barrier and as an electrical barrier.

"Mylar" contains no plasticizers and does not become brittle with age at its normal operating conditions.

Test Performed:

Moisture Vapor Transmission . Tensile
Puncture Resistance
Mullen Burst
Cold Temperature Flex
Asphalt Exposure


Moisture Vapor Transmission ASTM E 96 Procedure E

0.0064 Perms

Tensile Strength (lbs/1 inch width) ASTM D 828

93.6 Machine Direction
83.8 Cross Machine Direction

Tensile Strength (psi)

ASTM D 828
8320 Machine Direction
7200 Cross Machine Direction

Puncture Resistance, Beach Units

ASTM D 781

Tear Strength (Mullen Burst)

ASTM D 751
164.9 Ibs/inch

Tear Resistance

ASTM D 1 004-66
1222 Ibs/inch Machine Direction
1631 Ibs/inch Cross Machine Direction


ASTM D 412-68

Cold Temperature Flex
1/8" Mandrel @ 180 Degrees @ -100 Degrees of
1/16" Mandrel @ 180 Degrees @ -100 Degrees of
No cracking or peeling

Asphalt Exposure

30 Days @ 160 Degrees of
No change

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